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RAILPOL RTIL (Real Time Information Line)

EURO 2016

In connection with the EURO 2016 in France, RAILPOL, activated the RAILPOL Real Time Information Line (RTIL). Main goal of the RTIL is to inform the participating RAILPOL countries in real time about the amount and behaviour of football fans travelling by train. A RAILPOL liaison was appointed and added to the communication and coordination center of the French Railway police. The RAILPOL liaison is in direct contact with the participating countries. Also a cooperation with Colpofer (security services of the train operators) was established.

Untill now the French colleagues were very pleased with the results so far which give them an accurate and up to date insight in the movement of football fans by trains.

Participating RAILPOL countries are France, UK, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Belgium, Germany, The Netherlands, Hungary, Slovakia, Portugal, Romania and the Czech Republic

Source RAILPOL Management 27/06/2016

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