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RAILPOL (RAILway POLice) is an international association of governmental controlled police organisations responsible for policing the railways in Europe. The aims are to enhance and intensify international railway police cooperation, to prevent threats, to guarantee the effectiveness of measures against cross-border crime and to be the link between the police and the railway sector

RAILPOL was founded in 2004 to satisfy the rising need for international cooperation among partners who perform everyday railway policing duties. A standstill situation in the rail sector would mean a decrease in the level of security and safety in and around the railways of Europe.

In 2007 the European Union (EU) member states signed the Lisbon treaty. An important policy area of this treaty allows EU citizens to move freely within its borders. It is our duty to guarantee and protect the right of freedom, safety and justice.

Due to this freedom, threats such as pickpocketing, vandalism, and graffiti no longer stop at the borders but have become transnational. Organised crime groups in illegal migration, trafficking of human beings, money, drugs and fire arms use railways as means of transport. Terrorists also use logistic bases, roads, and railways to travel across Europe, even if their goals are not situated within Europe.

RAILPOL created several working groups handling specific themes or problems, thus improving the exchange of (operational) information and techniques.

RAILPOL promotes public private partnership and strives for a close cooperation with stake holders in the railway environment and with International law enforcement organisations as well as the police networks policing the physical infrastructure in Europe, like road, air and water.

The strength of RAILPOL lies, among others, in the direct contact with the organisations within RAILPOL responsible for railway policing. Any measures RAILPOL proposes and agrees upon can be implemented far more easily and effectively. RAILPOL is a unique and solid platform for cross-border law enforcement cooperation in the railway environment.

With active members and support from the European Commission, RAILPOL strives further to make Europe more secure.

“RAILPOL is on the right track”

The Netherlands, December 2018

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