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Copper E-BOOK

Typology of Copper used by European Railway Companies

COPPER Theft from Railway line has now become an European problem. The 2011 statistics show dramatically how, all over Europe, the rush to “Red Gold” is directly proportional to increase in market price of such a valuable metal: this causes heavy losses for the Railway Companies and delays of thousands of minutes on the railway lines.

The Italian Railway Police, together with RAILPOL, is on duty since several year for counteracting this criminal activity, which more and more often is managed by criminal organizations. This issue requests to all Police Forces a synergic effort.

The Copper E-book was created precisely in this perspective: a tool in step with today, that using the web, provides a fast and easy reading both to Police Officers and to workers in the metals sector. The aim is to allow an identification of copper cable used by European Railway Companies, in order to enable Police Forces, during their actions, to recognize the origin of the copper found, and to warn the buyers that the goods they are buying could be suspect.

This is only the first, but very important step, of the strong willingness of cooperation between the Police Forces of whom RAILPOL, in the European Railway environment, represents the highest expression.

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