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17th 24 Blue Rail Action Day

26 - 27 March 2019

RAILPOL, the European Association of Organizations responsible for policing the railways in Europe, organized the 17th 24BLUERail Action Day, on 26th and 27th March 2019

A coordinated action which took place in the 16 member countries of RAILPOL with the main aim to enhance and intensify international railway police cooperationin Europe, to prevent threatsand guarantee the effectiveness of measures against cross-border crimesand, last but not least, to send a Pan-European message of Police collaboration.

The participating RAILPOL member states performed checks in the stations and on the trains, such as preventive actions to tackle the most common criminal phenomena of the railway environment with a special red line: policing the railway environment and extended identity checks in case of offences and/or arrests.

During the action 15.144Police Officers were involved. They performed 44.785 id-checks, discovering 191wanted persons and another2.579with criminal records.  The overall activities led to the patrol of 4.461train stations and check of 6.185trains, where the Police Officers prevented numerous offences across varying crime types by the reporting of 843 persons to the courts. 

Beside the RAILPOL member countries, Poland and Austria, as external guests, took part in the 24-BLUE while the USA, beside the European Action, organized the Rail Safe Day on 25th March 2019 with the participation of 40 States and DC. 

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