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European association of Railway Police Forces

RAILPOL is a European association of national police forces, policing the railway sector in Europe. Its aim is to enhance and intensify international railway police cooperation in Europe, to prevent threats and guarantee the effectiveness of measures against cross-border crime.

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NOTE: Concerning the rights on the Railpol video. The Railpol management has, in conjunction with the production company “IVISION” all rights concerning the editing, reproduction and broadcast of the video. The original broadcast files and montage can be released but only with the consent of the Railpol management for purposes of re-edit. Excluded are: - selling of footage to stock video websites - commercial broadcasting in any form (pay tv, hiring, etc.. (rights on music and footage) The company “IVISION” has no issues with the placing of subtitles on the original video by locals in the different member states.

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