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Railway Police Latvia

State police of Latvia

State Police was established in 1918, along with creation of Latvia as independent country.  Pursuant to the Law on Police as passed on the 4th of June 1991 „the police is an armed military state or municipal institution that is responsible for the protection of people’s lives, health, rights and freedom, property, public and state interests from criminal and other unlawful threats”.

Responsibilities of the police:

  • To guarantee the safety of persons and society;
  • To prevent criminal offences and other violations of law;
  • To disclose criminal offences and search for persons who have committed criminal offences;
  • To provide assistance, in accordance with procedures prescribed by law, to institutions, private persons and unions of persons in the protection of their rights and the carrying out of tasks prescribed by law;
  • To implement, within the scope of its competence, administrative sanctions and criminal sentences.

The description of the railway field in Latvia

  • The length of the railway tracks – 3586,2 km;
  • Passenger carriages with trains are carried out in 8 railway sections
  • International passenger traffic is provided in 2 railway sections: Riga – Moscow and Riga – Saint Petersburg;
  • The volume of the railway freight shipments consists 52% of the total state inland carriages;
  • The main types of shipped freight – oil and its products, carboniferous, artificial fertilisers and timber products.

History of the Railway Police Department of the State Police of Latvia

  • Railway Police Department was estblished in July the 1st 1919;
  • Railway Police Department was a separate structural division of the State Police that handled police matters in the railroad transport system and the main functions of Railway Police Department were to provide public order on the railway objects, to prevent and to investigate crimes, to investigate railway traffic accidents;
  • Since 31st of August 2009 Railway Police Department of the State Police of Latvia has been liquidated;
  • After the liquidation of the Railway Police Department the above mentioned functions are implemented by Regional Police Departments of the State Police of Latvia. What is more, special working group was established in the Criminal Investigation Department of the Central Criminal Police Department in order to control and coordinate the detection and investigation of the crimes in the regional police departaments. The police officers of this working group are also in charge of the investigation of the serious railway traffic accidents.

About Latvia

Latvia is one of the three Baltic countries that are located on the Baltic Sea. Latvia’s neighbouring countries are Estonia and Lithuania, as well as Russia and Belarus.

  • Territory: 64, 589 km²
  • Population: 2, 217, 969 (est. July 2010)
  • Capital: Riga
  • Major seaports: Ventspils, Riga and Liepaja
  • State language: Latvian
  • Latvian is one of the Baltic group languages that belongs to the Indo-European family of languages.
  • Latvia became a member state of the European Union and NATO in 2004.

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