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Italian Railway Police

The Railway Police is one of the four special departments of the Italian State Police. The others are the Road Police, the Communication Police and the Special Sections.

The activity of the Railway Police focuses in two important sectors of the prevention and repression of crimes:

  • The Security on trains
  • The Security in the stations

The Italian Railway Police is active on the national territory with 15 Departments, 17 sections, 27 subsections and 153 places. There are 2.500 stations watched over by the 4.500 police officers on duty who cover 16.000 kilometers of railroad where every day more than 7.500 trains and 1.500.000 passengers pass.

Main objective of Railway Police

The Railway Police ensures the security of travelers and their belongings on trains and at stations plus the safety and control of dangerous goods. Railway Police officers patrol, in particular, long-distance and night trains, and at stations in big cities where vagrants often accumulate. 

The main aim is to satisfy the security request of people who, for tourism or business, pass in the stations. The Police officers are ready to intervene in any moment to resolve human cases but also to face the emergencies. 


Italian Railway Police overview

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