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Hungarian Railway Police Department

In Hungary railway enforcement duties are carried out by the body responsible for generalpolice tasks (hereinafter referred to as: Police), besides its other duties. The structure of the Hungarian National Police was designed in accordance with the settlement system and the social system. Within the Hungarian National Police, there is no separate body solely responsible for railway enforcement.

Budapest Police Headquarters (BPHQ)

Concerning the high priority main stations, the maintenance of public security, public order and traffic enforcement tasks are carried out by the Budapest Police Headquarters (hereinafter referred to as: BPHQ), while the Riot Police has a national jurisdiction in train escorting tasks. The Riot Police is in charge, on national level, of the escorting of risky international trains and trains circulating in the suburban traffic.


Checking international trains for public security purpose within state borders and as part of Schengen border policing duties is considered a high priority task. Such priority international trains are the following lines: RAILJET, DACIA, AVALA.

Police units in the Capital

In the Capital, at the Keleti Railway Station, a police unit with a staff of 30 persons – Budapest Police Headquarters, Law Enforcement Bodies, Public Order Protection Department, Division of Special Services, 1st Sub-division of Special Services – was established in 2011.  2nd Sub-division of Special Services is the unit responsible for the same tasks at the Nyugati Railway Station.

County police headquarters and police stations carry out the public order controlling of the stations, depending on the number of available staff.

National Police Headquarters

In connection with the carrying out of tasks, the professional coordinator above the regional units is a central body, namely the National Police Headquarters, Directorate General for Law Enforcement, Public Order Protection Department.

The police measures carried out are generally of public order protection, public safety and traffic enforcement-related ones. These are partly related to increased control operations for preventing accidents at level crossings, and to the controlling of parking lots and areas located near railway stations.

Summary of criminal situation

Summarizing the criminal situation, we may state that thefts and vandalism against railways and railway infrastructure and the abuse of petrol to be used for railway purposes cause enormous damage, and significantly influence the passengers’ sense of safety.

The joint and mutually supporting collaboration of the Hungarian National Police Headquarters and the railway security organizations would be the safeguard for improving the security of the stations, their surroundings and the trains.

MÁV Hungarian State Railways Company

MÁV Hungarian State Railways Company is a state-owned railway infrastructure manager, with more than 150 years of history, presently chaired by Mr. Ferenc Szarvas. 

Hungary's accession to the European Union in 2004 brought significant changes to the Hungarian railway market.

The main institutional change was the creation of legal conditions for the multi-player market model.
In the course of that the independent Rail Capacity Allocation Office (VPE) and Regulatory Body were established.

While VPE has nationwide competence in allocating rail network capacity and determining network access charges, till then the operation and the maintenance of the 7476 km long railway network - containing 1180 kms for built length of double track railway lines- belongs to MÁV Co.

Last year 137 million passengers have chosen the Hungarian railways

The Hungarian line sections of both ERTMS corridor D and Rail Freight Corridor 6 are fully electrified.

The market liberalization created the possibility for rail freight operators to appear on Hungarianopen-access railway network, therefore at the end of 2011 MÁV Co. had network access contract with 29 railway undertakings licensed for rail freight services, and 3 railway undertakings licensed for passenger services.

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