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Bundespolizei - Federal Police

The duties of the Railway Police cover up to 36 000 km rail routes
and 7 530 stations. 

Federal Police – Railway-police duties

In the Federal Republic of Germany the Federal Police carries out special police duties in the entire security system and is subordinate to the Federal Ministry of the Interior.
The extensive duties of the Federal Police are mainly regulated above all in the law on the Federal Police (Federal Police Act – BPolG) of October 19th 1994, last changed by the lay from June 21st 2005 as well as in numerous other legal regulations.

According to this one of the main duties of the Federal police are preventing and combating crime in the rail environment.

The Federal Police has about 40 000 employees, including 30 000 male and female police officers. Of these officers, about 5 400 deal with tasks concerning railway-police to ensure a safe rail environment.

The Federal Police - video film 2011




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