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How we work

British Transport Police deal with over 100,000 criminal offences every year. 40% of these occur within the London Area. We also deal with about 35,000 offenders each year.

There are two National Control rooms who manage emergency telephone calls from members of the public and rail staff and control the deployment of police officers to incidents on the rail network. Control Rooms are based in London and Birmingham.

There is a single Crime Reporting Centre (CRC) based in Cardiff. CRC is the single point of contact with the public for crime reporting. The CRC gives the Force a streamlined reporting and recording service.

Force Headquarters (FHQ) is based in London. They control the resources for the investigation of major crime, including suspicious fatalities and serious crime series such as sexual assaults. FHQ also manages the response to terrorism and major policing operations.

The Force Intelligence Bureau (FIB)

The Force Intelligence Bureau (FIB) is based at FHQ. FIB manages the Level 2 and Level 3 response to crime. Their activity is directed against Cross Border offending (internal police areas) or Serious and Organised criminality.

The FIB Focus Desks will work alongside partner police forces and other non-police agencies to provide intelligence to reduce risk and harm, prevent crime and detect offenders.

FIB currently has focus on the following issues:

  1. Serious and Organised Crime. This Focus Desk manages our response to theft of conductive metal (copper cable and telecommunications wiring), the supply of controlled drugs, graffiti offenders and economic crime which is generally internet fraud against ticket sellers.
  2. Vulnerable Persons. This Focus Desk manages our response to the impact of offending on vulnerable groups such as women, ethic minorities and other marginalised groups. The team monitors the prison releases of offenders with convictions for sexual attacks and violence. They assist in maintaining links with multi-agency public protection schemes.
  3. Football. The movement of football spectators and associated risk groups is an important factor in providing a safe transport system. This Focus Desk works closely with FHQ Operations in providing a dynamic risk assessment of the risk posed by travelling supporters and risk groups in order to prevent clashes on the public transport system. This team works closely with the UK Football Policing Authority in the coverage of international matches.
  4. Strategic and Emerging Issues Desk – Identifies new trends in offending or possible future threats to public and staff safety as well as rail infrastructure.

British Transport Police areas

  • The Force is divided into seven territorial Areas each commanded by a senior police officer.
  • These Areas are responsible for managing their response to crime, disorder and public safety incidents.
  • Each Area may request the assistance of central resources controlled from Force Headquarters.
  • For the purpose of the National Intelligence Model, Areas are at Level 1, each Area has its own intelligence capability.



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