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7th Rail Action Day (RAD) 'Active shield'

6 -7 September 2018

RAILPOL - Railway Police Forces - is an international association of organizations responsible for policing the railways in EU Member States. The aim is to enhance and intensify international railway police cooperation in Europe, to prevent threats and guarantee the effectiveness of measures against cross-border crime, in order to contribute to a safe environment for passengers and people who, for various reasons, spend time in the stations.

Among the initiatives to achieve this aim, RAILPOL organizes coordinated operational actions with the participation of Police forces from Member States at national level. These operations are known as Rail Action Day (RAD). This one in particular, is called “Active Shield”.

This year, the operationActive Shield took action on 6th– 7thof September 2018 with the duration of 24 hours (from 7:00am to 7:00am). The participating RAILPOL countries performed several checks on trains, mainly high speed and international, and inside the train stations, aimed at checking passengers and their baggage. These police controls included also the left luggage offices.

The operation involved 6.914Police Officers. They performed 33.043 checks to passengers and 5.458 checks to their luggage, on 4.905 trains and in 2.487stations. The activities, extended to the left luggage offices, let perform check to 489 automatic lockers and 254 to staffed offices.

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