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15th 24 Blue Rail Action Day

23 - 24 March 2018

RAILPOL is an international network of organizations responsible for policing the railways in EU Member States. The main aim is to enhance and intensify international railway police cooperation in Europe, to prevent threats and guarantee the effectiveness of measures against cross-border crimes, such as safe travels for passengers and people who, for different reasons, spend time in the stations.


Among the initiatives to achieve this aim and to send a Pan-European message of Police collaboration, RAILPOL organizes coordinated actions so called Rail Action Days (RAD’s). Today this RAD is called 15th 24BLUE.


The RAD took action on 23th – 24th March 2018 and, during 24 hours (from 7:00 am to 7:00 am), the participating RAILPOL member states performed many checks in the stations and on the trains, such as preventive actions to tackle the most common criminal phenomena of the railway environment with a special red line: aggression/violence in the railway environment, according to the priorities set by members and statistical trends.


During the action 12.103 Police Officers were involved. They performed 42.029 id-checks on 7.929 trains and in 5.814 stations. The overall activities led to the identification of 249 illegal migrants and prevented numerous offences across varying crime types by the reporting of 762 persons to the courts. 


The red line of this action was the “aggressions/violence in the railway environment” and the RAILPOL countries reported 86 persons responsible for aggression/violence to Police Officers, Railway Staff and passengers.

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