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Annual review 2016

European Network of Railway Police Forces
Annual review 2016


The police occupy a central position in society and are constantly adapting to meet the demands made on them by politicians and the public.

Combatting crime is a core function of governance and a core task of each national police force. Due to the characteristics of stations, trains and railway infrastructure, policing in the railway environment requires a specialised approach.

The key principals of the RAILPOL network are described in its mission and vision;

Mission: “The mission of RAILPOL, is to strive for a safe and secure rail-transport by establishing cross-border law enforcement co-operation on the main European railway corridors.”

Vision: “RAILPOL is the platform for cross-border law enforcement co-operation to tackle transnational crime and other security issues in the European railway environment.”

Besides day to day police work, the year 2016 was also marked by terrorist attacks, illegal migration and EURO 2016, a major sports event with lots of movements by football supporters through Europe.

RAILPOL, being an operational network, focused on the operational aspects within (railway) policing such as the exchange of best practice, (real time) exchange of information, organising Rail Action Days and exercise(s).

Some of these operational aspects include, the immediate activation of the Real Time Information Line after the terrorist attacks in Brussels, RAILPOL’s Rail Actions Days with their common thematic on organised crime, aggression and detecting explosives, but also an International exercise for public order teams connected to the European Championship football EURO 2016 as well sharing real time information about the number and behaviour of football fans traveling by train during this sports event.

RAILPOL is not the only player in the field, which is why RAILPOL investigate in co-operation with other partners and stakeholders in the railway network. Some examples are the co-operation with Colpofer, the security services of the railways, participating in the security steering committee of the UIC, the international organisation of railway operators, and also providing advice/support to the European Commission with RAILPOL’s expertise related to policing of the railway network.

This first annual review provides the achievements of RAILPOL in 2016.

On behalf of the RAILPOL Management,

A.J.H.M.(John) Laene
Secretary-General RAILPOL.





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