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SPC’S Mission

The Railway Police (SPC) are a specialised police service dealing with :

  • security
  • life quality
  • and police support

within the framework of passengers and goods transport by rail.

The Railway Police wish to be a reliable and competent partner for :

  • train users
  • transport companies
  • and the other police or security services


The Railway Police fulfil this mission by performing the basic police functions and by providing specialised support in their specialised field :

  • Assistance
    SPC provide flexible and quality assistance in stations, in places required by the authorities and SPC’s partners.
  • Intervention
    SPC carry out interventions in their specialised field and within reasonable time limits, as determined by the authorities, expected by their partners and required by citizens.
  • Victim support
    SPC ensure humane and quality treatment for victims in their specialised field, in co-operation with their partners and specialised services in this field.
  • Gestion policière des événements
    SPC take part in the management of crisis events and situations in their specialised field.
  • Community policing
    SPC only perform community policing missions in their specialised field, in co-operation with the “proximity police officers” of the concerned police zone.
  • Investigation
    SPC record offences in their specialised field and perform investigation duties inherent to the fight against railway transport-related crime (pickpockets in stations and trains, copper thefts, drug trafficking, smuggling of human beings, sabotage of trains, etc.) in co-operation with the investigation units of the concerned police zone or of the decentralised judicial police department (FGP/PJF).
  • Special support through :
    • The development of an expertise centre for the police authorities, the various police departments and the police’s national and international partners, where this expertise can be implemented in a quick, easy and operational way.
    • The establishment of a so-called “image” and the collection of administrative and judicial information in relation to SPC’s specialised field in order to orientate SPC’s internal functioning and to provide the authorities and SPC’s partners with security-related information.




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