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The Federal Office of Police (Fedpol)

The Federal Office of Police (Fedpol) provides support to Swiss and international security agencies in fighting crime. Fedpol is the national information, co-ordination and analysis centre for police affairs. Acting as the federal criminal police agency, fedpol conducts investigations on behalf of the Office of the Attorney General of Switzerland (OAG) in cases involving serious crime (e.g. terrorism, organised crime, economic crime, money laundering and corruption). Further tasks include preventive and administrative duties such as the protection of people and objects deemed to be at risk, or managing the Money Laundering Reporting Office Switzerland (MROS).

Border Guard

As Switzerland’s national security organisation, the Border Guard works in close cooperation with its partners: this may be at national level with the federal authorities such as the Federal Office of Police (fedpol) or the Federal Office of Migration (FOM), or at operational level with partners in the cantons, especially the cantonal police services. In this respect, the Swiss Border Guard acts on the basis of existing agreements with each canton. In these agreements, the competences of the cantons are delegated to the BG and the division of duties between the partners is clearly regulated. Partnership through use of synergies means a clear gain for Switzerland’s security.

Railway Cooperation

In the area of security in Swiss rail traffic, the situation is as follows: fedpol is the central body for international police cooperation in Switzerland. In this function fedpol is responsible for strategic issues, the legal bases and provides support to the authorities responsible in the areas of investigations, searches and coordination in relation to international partners.

The Border Guard in turn covers three different areas of responsibility in rail traffic. On the one hand, these include the primary customs duties which cover levying VAT and customs duties, combating smuggling and trade in narcotics, weapons, war material, dangerous substances, protected species, cultural property and counterfeit trademark goods and other economic, trade and sanitary duties. On the other hand, there are the duties linked to the security police and aliens' police. These are primarily to do with tracing persons, vehicles and stolen property and the exposure of document forgeries to combat illegal entries to and departures from Switzerland, illegal residence, undeclared employment and people smugglers and trafficking in human beings.




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