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How we work

A single operational headquarters pilots the intervention of the three Brussels units.

Units of the Brussels Section

The units of the Railway Police in Brussels have been reformed and reoriented towards special actions to be taken on the field and towards different phenomena. The Brussels section includes three different units (Centre, Underground and Eurostar). This structure allows efficient and well co-ordinated work, as well as mutual cooperation with Local Police zones, for instance for the maintenance of law and order during demonstrations or major events or during full integrated police actions (FIPA).

Units in Flanders

The unit of the Antwerp station, the unit of the station of Leuven and the unit of the station of Hasselt cover the provinces of Antwerp and Limburg as well as the judicial district of Leuven.
The unit of the station of Bruges and the unit of the station of Ghent cover the provinces of Western Flanders, Eastern Flanders and a small part of the provinces of Antwerp and Flemish Brabant.

Units in Wallonia

The unit of the station of Namur, the unit of the station of Liège and the unit of the station of Libramont cover the provinces of Liège, Namur, Luxembourg and a small part of the province of Walloon Brabant, that is to say about the third of the Belgian territory.

The unit of the station of Mons and the unit of the station of Charleroi cover a territory comprising the province of Hainaut, the west of Walloon Brabant, a part of the district of Dinant as well as a part of the district of Namur.

The "integrated police" concept

The “integrated police” concept is totally applied, since the Railway Police both in Flanders and in Wallonia, has to form strong partnerships with all police forces and the administrative or judicial authorities, at both federal and local level, in order to cover the entire rail network and to keep an eye on the property of the railway company. The Railway Police also has to take into account the slightly different economic and social fabrics of the regions.

Belgian Railway Police Posts

A wide range of tasks:

  • Train and train-vehicles accidents.
  • Border Control Eurostar.
  • Combatting nuisance phenomena in trains, along rails and on platforms.
  • Spreading specialized and railway technical knowledge.
  • Implementing the federal priorities of the national security plan.
  • Performing the basic police function in some stations.
  • Additional missions in cooperation with the local police.
  • The railway police of the federal police (SPC) are responsible for the police function in train and underground stations, in trains and underground trains and along the rails. SPC are responsible for the reception in the railway stations of Brussels-South, Namur, Liège, Charleroi, Mons, Leuven, Antwerp, Ghent and Bruges and carry out patrols in the Brussels underground.
  • Surveillance in trains and stations.
  • Intervention in case of incidents and accidents.
  • Escorting of large groups of people travelling by train or underground.
  • Control of the goods transport by rail.
  • Border check at the arrival and departure of the Eurostar trains.
  • Combatting of insecurity phenomena on and along the rails, such as drugs, aggression, theft, human trade and environment.
  • Specialized assistance to other police services.
  • Training.
  • Control ‘Prohibition cycling‘ in the railway stations.
  • Control ‘Smoking Ban’ In The Railway Stations.
  • Security in the metro of Brussels subway.
  • Individual accidents.
  • Illegal dumping.
  • Vandalism - Graffiti.
  • Copper theft.
  • Safety at level crossings.
  • Safety transports of dangerous goods rid.
  • Maintaining public order.
  • Patrol with police dog.



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