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Rail Action Day "Clean Stations"

1st and 2nd September 2014



Press release:
RAILPOL – EU Presidency
Rail Action Day “Clean Stations
1st – 2nd September 2014

RAILPOL is an international network of the organizations responsible for policing the railways in EU Member States. The aim is to enhance and intensify international railway police cooperation in Europe, to prevent threats and guarantee the effectiveness of measures against cross-border crime.

One of the means to achieve this aim, RAILPOL organizes so called Rail Action Days (RAD’s). Today this RAD is called “Clean Stations”.

The action was organized in collaboration with the Italian EU Presidency and LEWP, so all European Countries over the 16 RAILPOL countries could participate in the action.

During 24 hours (from 7:00 to 7:00) various operations carried out, in and by the participating EU and RAILPOL member states, with the aim to increase the perception of security of passengers in the rail sector and to send a pan-European message of an active presence of Police Forces in the stations and on trains.

The activity focused on preventive checks on passenger and baggage, in station and on train, by the collaboration of dogs and metal detector as well.

During the operation 5.718 Police Officers were employed, 2.373 Station and 4.954 Trains were checked, with controls to 16.021 passenger and their 6.519 baggage. Beside the preventive aim of the operation, the Police Forces on the field arrested 235 persons, responsible for various crimes.




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