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How we work

Within the rail environment about 5 Mio passengers are travelling by train in Germany each day. In its capacity as railway police, the Federal Police is responsible for averting danger in the region of the facilities of the Federal railways.

This preventive police task serves to project public safety and order against danger that might threaten the users, the facilities or the running of the railway or danger that emanates from the railway facilities.It includes prosecution measures and dealing with certain facts of offences.

Together with the police forces of the Federal States „Polizeien der Länder“ and in cooperation with the main railway company „Deutsche Bahn AG“ the Federal Police maintains public safety and order and avert danger from the individual traveller as well as from the general public.

Due to its experiences in railway police the Federal Police today is already involved in several international collaboration as RAILPOL and COLPOFER, that gains more and more significance for the internal security in Europe.    

Focal points of operation

  • prevention and prosecution tasks at railway stations facilities, e.g. against vandalism like graffiti, offences against property and crimes of violence like theft and assaults and dangerous interference in railway traffic,
  • patrols in the trains particularly in trans-border traffic and in connection with journeys on the occasion of demonstrations,
  • targeted patrols and search measures in trains that are vulnerable to crime particularly in short-distant passenger traffic but also in goods traffic,
  • protective measures at railway stations in trains in connection with passenger transport to big events (e.g. escort of soccer fans),
  • protective measures to avert any act that jeopardizes the safety and security of nuclear rail transport.



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