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The story of the modern Romanian Transport Police started in 1981, when the first specialized unit, "The Transport Militia Brigade" was created.
After the fall of the communist regime in 1989, the Romanian Transport Police has undergone many transformations.
In 2005, in the context of the Romanian Police modernizing strategy, the Transport Police reorganized into the current structure.

The responsabilities of the Romanian railway police

Ensures the public order on the railways and the transport infrastructure (railway stations, marshalling yards, inspections on board of the passenger cars).

Carries out activities in view of increasing the citizen safety, population trust and respect towards the police, and of obtaining the community’s support to prevent and fight against the criminality in the transport field.

Carrying out investigations and applying procedures provided by the criminal law in case of offences committed in the system of railway transports

Cooperates  with other institutions assigned with providing public order in the railway system

Cooperates with internal & international organisations, etc.

Romanian rail network is made up of 11,371 km ( 8,588 Km electric lines, 1,200 railway stations & marshalling yards  (30 big marshalling yards). Around 68,110 tones of freight are daily transported. 

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