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8th Rail Action Day (RAD) 'Active shield'

16 -17 January 2019

RAILPOL, the European Association of Organizations responsible for policing the railways in Europe, organized the Rail Action Day “Active Shield”, on 16th and 17th January 2019.


A coordinated action which took place in the 16 member countries of RAILPOL with the main aim to enhance and intensify international railway police cooperation

in Europe. The concept of the Active Shield is to perform several checks on trains - mainly high speed and international - and in the stations, with the aim of identifying passengers and, where necessary, checking their baggage to prevent threats and to guarantee to

passengers a safe travel across Europe.


During the action 6.912 Police Officers were involved. They performed 25.385 id-checks and checked 5.462 baggage, when required, with additional means such as

metal detectors or dogs.


The overall activities have resulted in the patrol of 2.712 train stations and check of 4.991 trains, where the Police Officers prevented numerous offences across varying crime types by the reporting of 325 persons to the courts and arresting 2 people for European Arrest Warrant.

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